Learning nuggets

Let your people grow – a little at a time, all the time

The pace of change increases for every generation. People have less time to do more work. Work tasks are changing regularly and new skills are required constantly to perform the daily work tasks.

Often though, extensive training is not required. Incremental improvements of key practical skills or even the introduction of a new way of thinking will give just enough practical help to get the worker started on a task. Once under way, the experience of working with the task will reinforce the learning allowing job performance to continue and improve.

Spaced practice

For deep learning and retention over time, spaced practice is the method of choice. This means that learning is repeated and built upon over time. With short 5-15 minute modules, spaced practice is possible. Learning nuggets allow content to remain fresh and available just when it’s needed.

At nLearn, we recognize that time at work shouldn’t be spent going through hours of courses where only a small part of the contents are relevant. Working is also learning. Learning nuggets give your staff enough of a start to get going and be productive. And they’re there to support just when the need or opportunity arises.

Learning nuggets are short chunks of learning which allow you to provide just-in-time learning and performance support for new employees, new systems, new processes or new regulations. Or you can choose to re-launch existing materials in a new way in order to increase usage and effect.

Adding interactivity

Learning nuggets are available in a menu system where the basic offering can be added-on to with rich media, animations, interactions and simulations. All of which contribute to the learning goals of the nugget. nLearn can analyse the material and suggest add-on interactivity, simulations or animations. These are suggested to you and approved before production.